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we are manufacturing individual special packing and harness sleeves according to customer specifications. We involve you in the entire development from the prototype to the finished tool. This is how we ensure that your tool fits seamlessly into your work processes.

We are developing harness sleeves and bags that can be used manually, semi-automated or even fully automated.

The harness is divided in several main strands to make the installation as easy as possible for the assembly worker. The individual strands are packed in different coloured sleeves for a quick assignment and installation.

Cardboard Boxes

We have a great selection of boxes for shipping, ideal for the transit of goods of all sizes. We can supply you with everything from small shipping boxes to extra large cardboard boxes. We can provide any size based on your requirements.

  • Single Wall Cardboard Boxes
  • Double Wall Cardboard Boxes
  • Cardboard Archive Boxes & Storage Boxes.

Plastic bags and Sheets

We are proud to be able to supply a number of industries with high-quality, durable polythene bags for a number of different purposes.

Commonly referred to as ‘plastic bags’ or ‘poly bags’, polythene bags provide the ultimate packaging solution whilst also taking up very little storage space. As a low cost, hard-wearing alternative to more conventional packaging materials, polythene bags are looked to by an abundance of industries from a variety of different trades, all thanks to the wide range of choice we have available.

Ultra Light Poly Bags

Light Duty Poly Bags

Medium Duty Poly Bags

Heavy Duty Poly Bags

Super Heavy Duty Poly Bags

Polythene Bags on a Roll